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Artist Statement
Through my paintings I explore the reality of the contemporary landscape. My work is based on the relation between culture and nature. The interface between man and nature and the balance between them. Cities are expanding at the expense of the surrounding landscape. The human intervention in nature clearly leaves its traces. It's about exploring various environments. What is nature, and how do we deal with our environment? Nowadays, we are confronted with an environment that can no longer be regarded as “natural”. Can we still speak of nature? After all, more and more people talk about nature as if it concerns a neatly landscaped garden. How does this change the way we view and experience nature, the landscape, and the world around us? Nature is increasingly something we recreate. An artificial experience influenced by globalization, urbanization, industrialization and individualization.

My work is about imagination and reality, the individual and the world. It is not an indictment against the contemporary society. I consider it to be a study of perception and change. It is up to the viewers to translate this into their own realities, to confront themselves. In my landscapes, I try to unite alienation and recognition.

My paintings are also about time. Past, present and perhaps future. It is a search of the aesthetics in decay, transience and tragedy. I believe that the relationship between utopia, paradise and destruction is important in this. A certain form of escapism and romanticism emerges.

German painting is inspirational and important for my work.
Friedrichs work is steeped in loneliness, isolation and abandonment. Nature is grand. The figures in the paintings of Friedrich look back at the distance travelled, or overlook the road still ahead. Past, present, future. Sculptor David d'Angers once wrote that Friedrich has created a new genre; The tragedy of the landscape.

Tragedy of the landscape. That is what my work is all about.

Hugo Tieleman

Born 1982 in Eindhoven. Lives and works in Eindhoven.

2003 – 2007: Bachelor of Fine Art, Painting, HKU Utrecht School of the Arts (Netherlands)

Black Hole Sun - Livingstone gallery, The Hauge
KunstRAI Amsterdam - Livingstone gallery
We Like Art - Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam
PAN Amsterdam - Livingstone gallery
Smply Cmplx 5.0 - Kruisruimte, Eindhoven
30th anniversary - Gallery NB, Denmark
KunstRAI Amsterdam - Gallery NB, Denmark
KunstRAIi Amsterdam - Archaeopteryx Actuele Grafiek
What Remains - Museum CODA, Apeldoorn
Amsterdam Drawing - Livingstone gallery
HKU Royal Club, Brussel
KunstRAI Amsterdam - Livingstone gallery
How heavy is time? - Livingstone gallery 25 years, Den Haag
Nieuwe Gezichten op Dordrecht, Dordtse Vedute – Dordrechts Museum
Royal Club – Academiegalerie HKU, Utrecht
Selected works 2010-2015 – Noordbrabants Museum, ’s-Hertogenbosch (solo)
Art The Hague – Livingstone gallery
KunstRAI Amsterdam – Livingstone gallery (solo)
Land of confusion – Livingstone gallery, The Hague (solo)
I AMsterdam YOU Berlin, Berlin – Livingstone gallery
Still Life, Kunsthal KAdE, Amersfoort
Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair – Livingstone gallery
Dier in het vizier (part II) – Museum Nairac, Barneveld
Royal Award for Modern Painting 2014 – Royal Palace, Amsterdam
Art The Hague – Livingstone gallery
Uncontrollable – NB Gallery, Viborg, Denmark (solo)
We Like art @ Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam
KunstRAI Amsterdam – Livingstone gallery
We Like art @ Art Rotterdam, Van Nellefabriek, Rotterdam
RAW Art fair Rotterdam – Livingstone gallery
Perceptions of Nature, galleri NB Viborg, Denmark
Crossing Borders, Livingstone Gallery, Den Haag, Netherlands
Art Vilnius, galleri NB Viborg, Denmark
Viborg International Billboard Painters Exhibition, galleri NB Viborg, Denmark
On the road again, Livingstone Gallery, Den Haag
FINALE , Gallery Zand, Eindhoven
Royal Awards for Painting 2011, Royal Palace, Amsterdam
New paintings, Livingstone Gallery, Den Haag
E’ven schilderijen, De Fabriek, Eindhoven
Nurtured Nature, SBK Amsterdam – Gallery 14-16, De Koog (group exhibition)
Backspace, Gallery Zand, Eindhoven (group exhibition)
Art Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Group show, Zand gallery
Art Amsterdam, Amsterdam, 20 years Livingstone, Group show, Livingstone gallery
Reflections, Nederlandsche Cacaofabriek, Helmond (duo exhibition)
Art Traverse, Bilthoven (duo exhibition)
Interventions, Livingstone Gallery, Den Haag (solo exhibition)
Wild verband, Gallery Zand, Eindhoven
Rotary ArtFair, Evoluon, Eindhoven (group exhibition)
Sporen, Gallery KapPur, Tilburg (solo exhibition)
Urban Nature, Rino, Utrecht
LOVE TO SHOW IT, Gallery New Untitled, Venlo
ArtiParti, De Timmerfabriek, Maastricht (group exhibition)
Uitgelicht, Architecture centre, Haarlem
Utrecht New Talent 2007, Artlease Utrecht, Utrecht (group exhibition)
Fluf, Academy Gallery, Utrecht (group exhibition)
Art Camp, HKU (HKU Utrecht School of the Arts) (group exhibition)

Viborg International Billboard Painting Workshop, Denmark

Nomination for the Premio Lissone, an international competition for young artists under 35 presented by the City of Lissone, Italy and its Museum of Contemporary Art
Publieksprijs Koninklijke Prijs voor Vrije Schilderkunst 2011 (Award)
Royal Awards for Painting 2011 (Nomination)
Noortman Art Apart Prize 2008 – Maastricht
Fonds BKVB – Startstipendium
ArtOlive Young Talent 2007 – ArtOlive Amsterdam
Dooyewaard Scholarship 2007 – Dooyewaard Foundation Blaricum
Utrecht New Talent 2007 – Artlease Utrecht

Various private and corporate collections.

NRC Handelsblad – Vegetatie van verfvegen, Gijsbert van der Wal, 10 januari
Elegance magazine – 10x toptalent – De 10 kunstenaars van 2013
Galeries.nl – Kunst van de dag, Float 2, Benno Tutein Nolthenius, 15 September
Financial Focus, ABN-Amro/Mees Pierson, 24-03-2012
Ten words and one shot, 16-02-2012
FRITS Magazine, Nr. 6-2011
E’ven schilderijen, Willem Jan Renders, Lecturis publishing
Hugo Tieleman, Paintings 2007-2011
Hallo 040, Eindhoven maakt kunst: Hugo Tieleman
Eindhovens Dagblad, “De natuur neemt het over” - 30-04-2011
2010/2011: Kunstbeeld magazine
Kanaalstraat 4-8, Stichting ruimte Eindhoven
Bonfire – “kunst van de dag” – Galeries.nl - 04-11-2010
Light stripes – “kunst van de dag” – Galeries.nl - 26-03-2010
Met stip – Fonds Bkvb – Startstipendia 2006 – 2008
Noortman ApartPrize – Selected works
Nobel magazine (Nr. 3)